School Council

At Jessop we know that our pupils are the most important part of school life. We believe that it is vital to give them a voice and a say in the day to day running of the school. Our school council plays a key role in ensuring that all pupils are able to express themselves and be happy, successful learners.

School council consists of a group of reliable, proactive and innovative students from years 1 – 6. They are democratically elected by their peers and remain as representatives for an academic year. Being a school council member is a highly sought after role and all councilors take their duties very seriously. School council meets every two weeks to discuss current projects and issues from the playground and their classes. They are then responsible for giving feedback to individual classes.

The school council plays a very active part in school wide events, with the councilors often taking responsibility for planning and running aspects of the event. These include thing such as Jeans for Genes Day, Peace Week, Anti – Bullying Week, Red Nose Day and our Winter, Spring and Summer Fairs.


The school council is valued highly by pupilsOfsted, 2012