Head of School’s Welcome

Thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in our school. We feel a great sense of privilege and take great pride in belonging to our school community here at Jessop.

In our setting all aspects of your child’s development are equally important to us.  Our school day is designed to ensure the growth of your child’s physical health through our playtimes, outdoor sessions and healthy lunches.  The social and emotional growth of our pupils is enhanced by our daily emphasis on moral and social values that underpin everything that we do at Jessop. We strongly believe that best way to uphold our school’s values, ethics and the opportunities that Jessop provides is by placing the ownership of these things in the hands of our pupils who are our greatest resource.   Jessop pupils mediate, Jessop pupils “Buddy with peers”, Jessop pupils organise playtime structures, Jessop pupils monitor classrooms, Jessop pupils hold council meetings, Jessop pupils’ welcome guests and at 3:30pm each day, Jessop pupils take these skill sets back into their own homes and communities.

The care that we offer your child is reinforced by a broad and balanced curriculum which aims to give your child the language that they need to access the many differing sections of society. Introduce your child to a world of books and give them the reading skills that they need to explore the world of writing.  Equip your child with several strategies to approach number, shape and measurement based activities. With an inspired team of teaching and support staff, we implement the curriculum aims alongside a deep program of enrichment ensuring that Jessop pupils experience opportunities that exist in all their fullness. Jessop pupils perform and present, Jessop pupils play classical instruments, Jessop pupils learn to swim and ride bicycles, Jessop pupils are trained in martial arts, Jessop pupils ride horses and Jessop pupils carry out educational field trips across the City.

If you would like to visit please do make an appointment to visit the school and see how the experiences above translate into the daily lives of the children here at Jessop Primary.


Mr Kenneth Baffoe

Head of School