Lower Key Stage 2

Assistant Headteacher LKS2

Martinet Ackermann

Year 3

Summer Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023-2024

The latest Year 3 Learning Update!

Year 3 have had a very fun-filled start to the Spring term!

In English, we used our talk partners to help us to vocalise our predictions and opinions on Michael Morpurgo’s “Friend or Foe”. We looked at the front cover and discussed what we thought the book would be about, and what genre we thought it might fall under. Then we listened to the first chapter to see if we were correct. We finished the week by imagining that we were World War 2 evacuees, and writing diary entries about our journeys.

In Maths, we have been continuing our multiplication and division topic. We started by exploring multiples of 10, looking at different patterns in the answers and using this to help us work out the answers to larger sums. We looked at the structure of multiplication and it’s relationship with division. Finally we used the skills we learnt earlier in the week to multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.

In topic, Year 3 began creating their Spring front covers. We used propaganda images from World War 2 to collage an eye-catching background. Then we sketched gas masks, which will be layered over photos to create a mixed media front cover. The children enjoyed looking at different propaganda posters from World War 2 and discussing what the meaning could be behind each.

Westminster abbey
Year 3 had a great time exploring Westminster Abbey. We were kindly shown around on a guided tour and loved how beautiful it was. We saw the throne which has been used since the 13th century up to King Charles’ coronation! We got to sit in the choir pews and learnt about the features of a church. We even impressed the guides with our knowledge of Christianity!
Pedestrian training
As part of our PSHCE topic of safety, we had pedestrian training on the pavements around our school. We learnt about the different types of crossings and how to stay safe when walking around our streets.
Stepping into stories
We were very fortunate to have author Mo O’Hara come in to share her book ‘Honey’s Hive’. We learnt about bees and shared some of our own facts too. We read parts of the book and can’t wait to finish the story!

Year 4

Summer Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023-2024

The latest Year 4 Learning Update!

On Tuesday, the year 4 children visited the London Mithraeum in the city.

The children visited the exhibition space, on the site of the ancient Roman Temple of Mithras which houses thousands of ancient Roman artefacts as well as the ancient temple itself.

The temple experience gave the children an insight into the Romanisation of Britannia and the worship of gods such as Mithras, as they were able to walk around the actual archaeological site and hear prayers and chanting in Latin.

It was a unique learning experience, which the children greatly enjoyed and will surely remember, especially as it was a little spooky down there in the dark!