At Jessop Primary School, we believe Creative Arts are an important part of a child’s learning and development, helping them to grow in confidence and develop their creativity.

All pupils at Jessop have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument of their choice. We actively encourage this and the majority of our pupils have successfully learnt to play the violin.

The school’s involvement with the London Music Masters Partnership provides pupils with exceptional opportunities to learn to play a musical instrument and perform in concerts. Ofsted, 2012.

London Music Masters (LMM) believes that music is of inherent cultural value and that it can have a lifelong impact on the social, educational and cultural development of children and communities. Working towards a world where everyone has access to extraordinary music regardless of their background, LMM Learning provides several inner-London schools with music lessons led by high quality teachers and the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of unique and exciting music projects.

For more information on where London Music Masters works and the specific projects and music activities they run go to