Able and Talented

Able and Talented pupils

Jessop Primary School ensures that all pupils reach their full potential and plan engaging learning opportunities to challenge and expand pupils’ knowledge. This involves the opportunities to complete tasks from challenge boxes and challenge tables when they have mastered new concepts. This gives pupils the opportunity to apply their learning to different avenues within these learnt concepts.  Team planning and frequent training opportunities ensure that teaching practices remain innovative and creative to develop an independent motivation in children to challenge their own learning.

Amongst our fantastic pupils there are some able and talented pupils who quickly learn new concepts and complete the challenges for their own year group and beyond. These children are challenged further through links to other year groups’ learning skills. In addition, their skills are developed through application via multi-faceted forms of learning; including, investigations, explanations and practical kinaesthetic learning.

The school has made links with nearby primary schools in order to provide high quality opportunities for able and talented pupils with trips, workshops and competitions in maths, dance, athletics, writing, science and art. A trip to the Houses of Parliament and to Queen Elizabeth Park Stadium will be exciting opportunities for the children.

Jessop Primary School frequently links with a nearby secondary school that supports the able and talented pupils with workshops in art, drama, dance, numeracy, science and literacy. This allows pupils to develop their talents and develop an understanding of secondary school to support with their transition from Year 6.

The school continually maintains links with the local council’s Able and Talented Outreach Support, to ensure that dynamic approaches, to challenging our most able pupils is of an outstanding quality. This also allows training opportunities for new and existing members of staff to plan suitably challenging learning for our pupils.